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Dr. Anand Choudhary is a highly-qualified psychiatrist with more than 21 years of experience.


Dr. Anand Choudhary is a highly-qualified psychiatrist with more than 21 years of experience. Over the years, Dr Choudhary has been closely engaged with the local communities of Strathpine and Caboolture, gaining a strong understanding of the psycho-social factors at play.

Although Dr. Choudhary is committed to helping mental health patients at an individual level, he has also contributed significantly to the general framework of psychiatric medical administration at a national scale. He has worked with Australia’s Mental Health Services to develop systems of Clinical Governance and Patient Safety and Quality during his time as a medical professional.

With a wealth of psychiatric experience, Dr. Choudhary has a strong commitment to improving mental health outcomes at both the national and individual level.

Background and Experience

Dr. Choudhary began his medical career in his home nation of India. In 1992, he enrolled at Nagpur University and spent five years earning his Bachelor of Medicine in Surgery. After a two-year break, he attended Savitribai Phule Pune University in 1999. By this point, Dr. Anand Choudhary was fully focused on the field of psychiatry and had commenced his practice. He post graduate qualification of Doctor of Medicine (MD) in psychiatry by 2002. Dr Choudhary almost immediately began work as a research officer at the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, Maharashtra. This is one of the most reputable institutes in India.

Dr. Choudhary migrated to Australia in 2003. He commenced his psychiatric practice within Australia at Redcliffe-Caboolture Mental Health Service as a Principal House Officer. He then completed a Fellowship of the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Over the next few decades, Dr. Choudhary worked in a wide range of different capacities. Most of his time has been spent with the RedcliffeCaboolture Mental Health Service. After acting as a psychiatrist, a Senior Medical Officer, and a Consultant Psychiatrist, Choudhary eventually rose to the rank of Clinical Director in 2009.

During this period, Dr. Choudhary gained considerable experience with psychiatric assessments – both for clinical and medico-legal purposes. He also spent many years applying his knowledge of pharmacological treatments to ensure positive outcomes for his patients. In addition to pharmacological approaches, Choudhary is also an advocate of supportive psychotherapy and other contemporary psychological therapies, and has developed considerable skills in these approaches.

After becoming Clinical Director of RedcliffeCaboolture Mental Health Service in 2009, Dr. Choudhary started to play a much broader role in the overall mental health framework of Australia at a national scale. During this time, he contributed considerably to the development of a new framework based on Clinical Governance and Patient Safety and Quality. He was also instrumental in fine-tuning and improving medical workforce planning systems. Throughout his time as one of Australia’s leading psychiatric professionals, Dr. Choudhary has stressed the importance of developing a harmonious relationship between mental health services and the rest of the larger medical framework.

Perhaps his most notable work at the national level was with the Examination Committee. Anand worked as the Binational Examination Co-Ordinator for this organisation, and he later assumed the same role within the Section of Leadership of Management at his College of Psychiatry. This involved mentoring and assisting future leaders within Australia’s mental health services. Dr Choudhary specifically focused on helping these future leaders develop management skills and other important abilities to succeed in their chosen profession.

Dr. Choudhary also completed a number of fellowships with a vast number of educational institutions. In 2015, he obtained a Life Fellowship of the Indian Psychiatric AssociationSociety. That year, he also earned a Masters in Health Service Management (Medical Administration) at Griffith University. In 2016, he also obtained an International Fellowship at the American Psychiatric Association. During this period, Dr Choudhary also earned additional Fellowships at the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators and the Australasian College of Health Service Management.

In addition, Dr. Choudhary was awarded a number of honours in his home nation of India. These include the Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman and the Hind Rattan (also known as the Jewel of India). Both were awarded by the NRI Welfare Society of India.

Although Dr Choudhary has encountered a wide range of different psychiatric patients, he has developed a special interest in a number of fields. These include mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), psychotic disorders, and personality disorders.

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